The world is a story.


Just show and tell.
Project 01

...just show and tell!

Skioory records your voice and your touches on a photo, and let’s you share it immediately. No need for typing or adding note-badges. Just tell your story and point at what you mean. 

Let your grandpa talk about old family photos, use it at work to communicate what exactly has to be done, or show your friends some hidden treasures on a map.


The friendly temperature converter
Project 02

... the friendly temperature converter

iTemp is a plain and simple, yet fun to use temperature converter for Celsius and Fahrenheit via two friendly picker-wheels. Pick any temperature on the Celsius wheel, and the Fahrenheit wheel spins automatically to the according value (and vice versa).

iTemp converts Celsius and Fahrenheit only, and its temperature range is limited to real life values from cold Alaskan nights (-60 °F) to hot kitchen ovens (480 °F).

It is made for tourists, desert hikers or siberia travelers, who read the local weather report and like to convert strange temperature values into familiar units.

It’s not meant for astronauts, vulcanologists, or any other scientist, who needs to convert e.g. extreme Kelvin temperatures, accurate to a minimum of 12 decimal places.

  • Year: 2011
  • appstore


Cats like to know what’s going on!
Project 04

Cats like to know what’s going on!

...especially when it gets to aging. But that’s where the devil is in the details: is one cat year really worth seven human years? Do humans have their first litter at the age of six? Is it common for humans to live up to 150 years? Hmm, something’s not quite right here...

Cat Age converts the age of any cat into the corresponding human age and vice versa. To do this sophisticated calculation Cat Age utilizes the four-stage complex cat age formula developed by Prof. Jacques Gérard: the first cat year counts for 15 human years, the second cat year counts for nine, the cat years 3 to 15 count for four human years each, while the cat years above 15 count for two human years each only. This formula leads to results that make much more sense than those of the classic formula »one cat year equals seven human years«. The settings dials are limited to somewhat realistic age values. The world’s oldest cat ever (tabbycat »Puss«) was 36 years old, the oldest person on earth (Johanna Booyson) died at the age of 122 years and 5 months. My cat Oxido is sweet 17, which means in fact he is 78...

  • Year: 2011
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Flower Love Check

It's so beautiful! And it tells you the truth.
Project 03

The truth about love.

Love is wonderful.
But how do you know it’s real?
I mean: really real. Real as the sky. Real as a flower. Real as life itself.
This little app has the answer. It’s made for people who care. It’s so beautiful! And it tells you the truth.*

The response so far is amazing. People are so insecure today about true love and the future: what will happen tomorrow? I don’t even know, what’s happening right now! Thank god, there are things like the weather channel and Flower Love Check, otherwise life would be unsolvable. Thanks a lot to all those people out there who gave us 5 Stars at the App Store and amazing reviews describing our little app as »so beautiful«, »much fun« and »the miracle that brought us back together«! Thank you, folks, and we won’t let you down.

No more false hopes. No disappointments. No more tears. No more pain. No more fear. No more wars. True love for everybody.
It’s so amazing to be part of this! Thank you for believing in Love!

*) Actually, the app does not tell you the »Truth about love». It has – like the App Store review team found out – no »real match making functionality«. It's made »for entertainment purposes«. With FlowerLoveCheck it’s just like with life itself: you won’t find the one and only big Truth, but still it’s kind of nice to have.

  • Year: 2012
  • appstore

What we do

We are creating great mobile applications.

We’re specializing in »on location storytelling«, including interactive audio/media tours, exhibition companions and city & nature guides.
And we’re the home of »Skioory«, the storypic creation app.

Our story

The world is full of stories.
Actually, the world is made out of them.
The history of the past, our plans for the future.
Whatever we think and learn about the world, 
are old and new stories that got into our minds.

Maybe thats why we love good storytellers.
Now some people say, the best stories are told by squirrels.
And though this has never been proven, and may not be entirely true,
we certainly know, that squirrels live out there where everything is happening. This is a fact, you cannot ignore.

Don’t get us wrong: public libraries, theaters and other classic storytelling places are amazing and inspiring. But they’re splitting up life between being out in the real world, and hearing and thinking about it in some remote kind of »knowledge temples«. Wouldn’t it be great to combine these worlds? At least sometimes? To tell and get the stories exactly in the real world situations you need them? 

We thought: YES. 

And started creating mobile storytelling applications back in the year 2012...

Let’s do something amazing

Do you have a great storytelling project? Get in touch with us and we’ll talk about it by the campfire...